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Innovation is born of necessity

As professional wakeboarders, we put fuel in our boat every single day. A lot of fuel. Up until now, the ways to get the fuel out of gas cans and into the boat's fuel tank were both difficult and inefficient. 


Safe & Clean

So, wakeboarding legend and inventor, Cobe Mikacich, came up with the idea for Drop N Fill. It is a self-supporting fuel transfer system. Drop N Fill supports itself and the fuel can, while funneling the liquid into wherever you need it. For us, it goes in our Malibu Boats!


Making it easier to do what you enjoy!

Drop N Fill is the easiest way to transfer fuel from your gas can to your vehicle of choice. It is faster than any other method we've used, and it leaves no fuel in the can. Take it to the lake, to the track, to the field...wherever you need to refuel!


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