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From professional wakeboarder to inventor. Cobe (The Mikker) Mikacich has spent his life in the water sports industry, allowing him to pick up a thing or two about ways to improve it. His first contribution was developing the HANGTYTE, a patented boat cover suspension device. Next, he tackled the time-consuming process of fueling ski boats. Mikacich has spent his life on the water, and understands how frustrating fueling up a boat can be. That’s why when he approached the challenge of making fueling easier, he did it with simplicity in mind.
The Drop N Fill is the definition of simple. With a long hose to put into the tank, and cross support cones to hold the gas can at the ideal angle, Mikacich’s invention not only saves users time, but also money, by not wasting a drop of fuel. Not only has his creation helped boat owners, but also has helped those with four-wheelers, ATVs, dirt bikes, and anyone in a sport that utilizes a vehicle that needs fuel. Mikacich’s self-supporting fuel transfer system has become the ideal solution for easy refueling wherever you need it! It's one thing to have ideas, but Mikacich is a true innovator, creating products and making things happen across the industry. So far, his Drop N Fill invention has received two Innovation Awards from the Water Sports Industry Association. What started as an attempt to make his life a little easier has led Mikacich to help motorsports enthusiasts everywhere.

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