4 Boat Hacks To Try

For those who love the water and are on the water a lot, such as wakeboarders, fishermen, and jet skiers, there are tasks that can be a pain. Drop N Fill has crafted a simple way to fill your boat that is easy. Below, we'll go over four incredible boat hacks that you shouldn't miss. Shop online today!

Drop N Fill

Normally, fueling your boat can be a pain. Luckily, Drop N Fill is an easy way to fill your boat with fuel. Our invention offers a hands-free, no-mess-way to fill your boat that is easy and convenient. No more awkwardly standing over your boat about to drop your gas can. Order this boat hack today.


If you are tired of pooling water and mildew on your boat cover, try Hangtyte. Not only does this boat cover help to cover the boat, but it also keeps the cover pulled tightly, creating a great look and feel to your boat cover.

Hang Your Wet Board on the Bottom Rack

We've discovered through our many boating trips that the best way to hang your wet board is on the bottom rack. This ensures that it does not drip into the boat and get everything beneath it wet.

When Wakesurfing, Turn the Opposite Way of the Fall

Wakesurfing works a bit differently than wakeboarding. Wakesurfing involves riding the wake without being pulled by the boat. Thus, when a wakesurfer falls, it's best to turn the opposite way the rider falls. This will be less work on you, the driver of the boat.


We hope you've enjoyed our boat hacks to make your wakesurfing and wakeboarding time easier. With Drop N Fill, your days of having to deal with spilt fuel on you are over. You simply tip your gas can into our Drop N Fill and walk away, letting gravity do the rest. You'll have a boat full of fuel and ready to go in no time. Shop online today!